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JK Elevators

We Lift you to next Level

What makes an Elevator, a jerk free, Vibration-Free, Smooth Ride, an Experience you wish to come to, again and again?

Why Choose Us

JK Elevators are always customer centric.


Honest and Dependable

We have created teams of well qualified and Professional Engineers in the elevators field, while placing safety and quality on its top priority items.


We Are Always Improving

With a focus on absolute luxury, our lifts combine cutting-edge innovation and technology with outstanding performance and elegant, sophisticated styling.


We Are Passionate

Our philosophy at JK Elevators is “a good product backed by good service will always promote itself”.

Our Elevators are mainly customer service oriented, and we deliver the best in the class and cost effective in the market.

Our Services

Customised Solutions for Elevators


New Equipment Installations

We are one of the emerging elevator companies in Karnataka, located in Bangalore. We have ranges of products for Residential- Apartments, Villas, Individual bung-laws, Commercial- Complex, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, showrooms and so on..



We also undertake to install new elevators in place of old and obsolete ones; our work flow from design, dismantling, removal of the old elevator and replacing with a new and modern one is quick and obstruction free.


Services and Maintenance

Our service team is always on high alert mode to offer round-the-clock service in case of break down, field engineers are provided with telephone/mobile support, in emergency situations the service engineers fix the toughest problems at the site immediately.


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#941/791/17-24, Sri Krishna arcade, Smt Nagamma Ramaswamiah compound, Nes Office Road, Yelahanka


Phone: +91-9880381887 
Phone: +91-9036719371